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The first half of the profit decline narrowed coal and steel industry profitability

Release Time:2015-07-29

The Ministry of Finance issued a 1-6 month this year, the national state-owned and state holding enterprises of economic operation, the profit of state-owned enterprises during the first half of the total amount of 1 trillion and 233 billion 290 million yuan, down 0.1%. The industry believes that, although the year is still slightly down, but the economic situation of state-owned enterprises continues to improve, the main indicators are showing signs of recovery.

The Ministry of Finance pointed out that the steady growth policy and reform measures to further show the effect of economic operation in the state-owned enterprises gradually improved. 1-6 months, the state-owned enterprises profit fell 0.1%, narrowed 3.2 percentage points over the 1-5 months, 1-2 months, 1-3 months, more than 1-4 months were narrowed 21.4 percentage points and 5.6 percentage points, 7.9. In addition, the local state-owned enterprise profits continue to maintain growth, growth of 8.2% over the previous year.

More it is worth mentioning that, coal , steel etc. industry Have a turnaround. Data show that in 1-6 months the coal industry realized profits of 620 million yuan, the steel industry realized profits of 830 million yuan. Industry analysts believe that the coal industry to achieve profitability is mainly relying on the growth of electricity consumption. China's June electricity consumption growth rate was 1.8%, 0.2 percentage points higher than in May, 0.5 percentage points higher than in April. In addition, the electricity consumption of heavy industry growth has also changed the continued negative growth since March, after a quarter of adjustment, resumed positive growth.

Talked about the reasons for data, Chinese CASS Institute of finance strategic financial audit research director Wang Dehua think, on the one hand is the cost of the business in decline. From January to June, the total cost of state-owned enterprises operating 211173 billion yuan, down 5.3%. On the other hand, after a long period of downturn, the market clearing is slowly revealed, it is still in operation to improve corporate profits in the industry.

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